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Month: September, 2005

The New Pornographers + Neko at The Henry Fonda Theater

Tonight… The New Pornographers kicked ass. Destroyer, not so much. Immaculate Machine, way much. Things of note, they were total camera nazis and doing head to toe searches on the way in. The air outside was smoky as hell because of the massive brush fire going on over in the valley. After the show my […]

Imageworks Company Picnic

[PICNIC PHOTO GALLERY] After attendance worries and a delay due to death the picnic finally got pulled off. Having been out to Calamigos Ranch for the Disney Company picnics I figured it would be hot, boring, and filled with people I didn’t know. Turns out, it was beautiful out, I had a fun time, and […]

Fear Me.

[BIG PHOTO OF NICKY] Proof that the lens is the most important part of a camera. Then of course the tripod. Then maybe the camera body. Before the trip up to the San Juans I was trying to justify the cost of this lens. I’m not sure I actually justified it in any rational way […]

Dinner for Five

A few years ago I came across Willo’s website [LINK] via a link from a link kinda thing. When I first started reading her website I always felt like I was mentally shouting while reading it because man, she used exclamation! points! like! nobody’s! business!! Everything had exclamation points! Cat! Sofa! Deadpan! I hardly ever […]

Exquisite Corpses Part Deux

1. Merry go round / Mckenna’s tomatoes / milking the green / so it grows. 2. That girl’s face / sky writing / out da hole / pass the deodorant. 3. Caffeinated devil bees / and the hive / I hate math / seagull on rocks More Exquisite Corpses [LINK] that have come through the […]

Shag Book Signing

After missing the movie I was headed to in Los Feliz by a few mintutes, I blew it off and went to La Luz de Jesus to see the new Shag show. I had told Jill we could catch it when she had time, but I was there, and nothing to do, so I buckled […]

Last Day in Seattle

[PACIFIC NORTHWEST PHOTO GALLERY][PRETTY MUCH THE MOST BORING VIDEO OF MY SEAPLANE FLIGHT I COULD HAVE MADE]Woke up totally late this morning and had to rush to the airport to return the car. I was 1/2 an hour late but they didn’t dock me. Had they tried to charge me I would have just taken […]

The Black Crowes vs. Tom Petty at The Gorge Amphitheater

I had to get up early this morning to pick up the car and head out to the Gorge for tonights concert. Can’t say much for the hotel I’m at but it’s home for the next three nights and it’s cheap. Just need a place to stay while I’m out site seeing. On the way […]

Last Day San Juan Islands

Special guest Mom The Blogger… Woke up to a few clouds which finally cleared to bright sunny skies! Had breakfast, chatted and decided we would take one last drive to “the other side” to look for — what else? WHALES! Stopped by Lime Kiln and Phil spotted them heading south!!! The whale boats hadn’t even […]

San Juan Island by Boat

Special guest Mom The Blogger… What a beautiful day on the water!!! Left the slip at 9:05 and headed south to Cattle Pass in search of – orcas! The water was calm and no fog!!!! Quite different than yesterday. Not a lot of boats out. Cattle Pass was even calm and based on our Current […]