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Prague, Barcelona, London, Ireland – All The Pictures And Videos


16 Horsepower at The University Of London

Last day in London and I don’t even want to move. Thought I’d just lay low and try and get a little better. I did have to go out to the University Of London to find out where the show is. That was going to drain me so I tried and be mellow about it. […]

Les Miserables And Millennium Dome

For a lack of anything better to do I decided to go out and see what had become of the Millennium Dome. Well, nothing had become of the Millennium Dome actually. How sad, the giant tent like structure is still sitting along the Thames but there’s nothing but weeds growing up around it. On a […]

Hot Hot Heat at The London Astoria & Abbey Road

Tonight’s show? “Hot Hot Heat” [LINK] at the London Astoria!! Man, I love this band. Do yourself a favor and get into them. Did my usual morning visit to see the venue where the show is going to be. Then I headed out for some sight seeing. I went back to Abbey Road Studios. There’s […]

Daniel Lanois at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Got up this morning and had to get over to Shepherd’s Bush to find the Empire theater for tonight’s concert, Daniel Lanois [LINK]. I didn’t even have a street name so when I got off the Tube I asked a guy at McDonald’s and he pointed across the park at these two tall buildings. He […]

Piccadilly Circus, Oh Joy

Said my goodbyes to Ireland this morning and onto London. I’m really starting to hate London more each time I go. Between Heathrow airport and the flu and virus toxic zone known as the Underground, I can think of many other places I’d rather be. I am here for concerts though, so that’s good. After […]

“J” Is For Jetsetter

Eric Clapton & Bonnie Raitt at Earl’s Court London

Setlist: My Father’s Eyes – Pilgrim – One Chance – River of Tears – Going Down Slow – She’s Gone – Driftin’ – Tears in Heaven – Layla – Change the World – Old Love – Crossroads – Have You Ever Loved a Woman – I Shot the Sheriff – Wonderful Tonight – Cocaine – […]