Weekend in San Francisco

by chris cunningham

Finally, caught up. The videos just finished processing so let’s go.

Let’s see, how to get from Christmas Eve to January 1st? Just the facts I suppose. Christmas Eve we lost Kelsie, the last of the family dogs, so that put a damper on whole day. She just went out to her big house and was gone. No warning, nothing. Total sweetheart of a dog. She will be missed.

By the end of the day on Christmas I was completely ill. I was bed ridden the next 3 days straight and only went out once to have sushi with Chris and Jen. The Miso soup helped a lot. I was supposed to leave Tuesday on a road trip but ended up having to buy a plane ticket to Oakland for Friday with the hopes that I’d be even remotely better. So I just tried to sleep the sickness out of me. Also I went to download my flashcard and it was damaged somehow so I lost a bunch of photos and the flashcard.

Friday afternoon came and I hobbled my way to the airport and my flight was cancelled. The next flight they put me on was delayed. Then when I was on the plane the flight attendent asked me three times if I wanted something to drink. ? I told her a diet coke each time finding it odd she had such a lousy memory. Then when she came back with the tray she looked at me and said, “…and you didn’t order anything right?” What?! I thought she was joking. Nope. All told it took me 7 1/2 hours from door to door to get to San Francisco. I could have driven it faster. Took the train into the city and Jill picked me up at the McDonald’s in the Mission. We went out to El Farolito for some late night burritos and got caught up on the latest with her. Gonna couch surf at her place for the next few nights and do the New Years thing up here. Drove up to Twin Peaks to get some shots of the city and after a really long day I was out in a few minutes. zzzzzzzzzzzzz….