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Seattle Day 1 / Starbucks #1

Starbucks #1

Last Day in Hawaii and the Flight Home

Yesterday we sadly checked out of the hotel in Maui and had to sadly return the PT Cruiser. Sadly, because that car is a piece of junk and it cost money. Those things should be free. “A Honda Civic? Oh, those are $500 dollars a day. The PT Losers? Oh go ahead and take one, […]

Haleakala Volcano Bike Ride

On vacation you’re supposed to sleep in, not get up at 2:30 in the morning. But that’s what you have to do if you want to see a sunrise on top of a volcano and then bike down it for 30 miles. Good fun though, and no injuries! After going bed only slightly earlier then […]

Molokini Crater

This morning we had to get up early and then drive back towards the airport to catch the boat out to Molokini crater. We were running a little bit behind but the boat was still there when we arrived. After a few drives around the parking lot there was actually a parkingspot right by the […]

Oahu to Maui

Today’s a bit of a travel day as we make our way from Oahu to Maui. Our flight isn’t that early so we can sleep in a bit and head to the airport at our leisure. We have the car too but I kinda forgot where the car rental place was. Somewhere over there, by […]

Steve and Vicki’s Wedding

Wedding Day! The reason we’re here! The wedding is at 2pm so we have time to get ready and not be rushed. We took some photos around the lobby of the hotel and it was good that it was next door as we only had a 3 minute walk. Found out quite quickly that it’s […]

Polynesian Cultural Center Pt. II, Gus Pt. II, and on to Waikiki

This morning we got up and said goodbye to Turtle Bay. Bye Turtle Bay, I hate to break it to you but we saw no turtles. We checked out but stayed around to take a swim in the ocean before hitting the road. After the swim, the first thing to do was to stop by […]

Gus, the Dole Plantation and Steve and Vicki’s BBQ

Today we had a few things on the schedule which included a drive across the island to go to a pre-wedding bar-b-que in Kailua. That was from 1-6pm so we had a bit of time in the morning and afternoon to see a few things. After an hour long photoshoot on the beach in full […]

On a White, Sandy Beach In Hawaii

We’re up here on the north shore and drove down to Haleiwa for breakfast. We stopped along the way at Sunset Beach, Pipeline and Waimea. The surf was really rough and breaking again right on to the beach. Nice though. Click on the pic to heed the warning. After breakfast we walked around Haleiwa for […]

Wiki Wiki to Hawaii!

Tonight we’re on our way to Hawaii!! That doesn’t suck. Friend Steve is getting married to Vicki this week in Honolulu. Sooo… we’re going to go early and hang out on Oahu this week and then after the wedding flying over to Maui. Liza’s never been to Hawaii and I’ve only been to Kauai once, […]

Shelli’s Birthday

What’s a party without the four food groups? Strawberries, Beer, Asparagus, and Meat. S.B.A.M. I really haven’t been that lazy folks, just lacking on the photo front. I’ve been here, then there, then over there, and then up there. A week or so ago Keith IM’d to tell me it was Shelli’s birthday the following […]

New Years Eve

[FIREWORKS VIDEO] Got up this morning and walked over to the cafe Savor in Noe Valley and met up with Willo again for breakfast. We were all pretty beat from the night before. Good to see her again after having known her through our websites for about 4 years and first meeting her when she […]

The Flaming Lips at Bill Graham Civic Center

[FLAMING LIPS VIDEO] Spent the day being a tourist with Shine and Jill today before hitting the Flaming Lips show. sonicliving.com was having a little pre-show get together at Jade Bar by City Hall. I called up fellow Flickrer and website friend Willo, of willotoons.com, and she was also headed over to the bar. So […]

Weekend in San Francisco

Finally, caught up. The videos just finished processing so let’s go. Let’s see, how to get from Christmas Eve to January 1st? Just the facts I suppose. Christmas Eve we lost Kelsie, the last of the family dogs, so that put a damper on whole day. She just went out to her big house and […]

San Francisco Weekend Getaway

[FANTASTIC FLAMING FIRE FEST VIDEO] Three things to do this weekend. One of my roomates from college was having a birthday thingy on Saturday afternoon, Saturday night was FireFest. Then on Sunday was hang out time with Keith and Shelli and go into the city to Jens for a little birthday feast for a friend […]

Happy New Year MMVI (Watch out!)

[NEW YEARS 2006 GALLERY – 1280 x 1024] Happy New Year, you’re about to get taken out by a wave. Ha ha ha. That’s not what you want to see when you’re looking through your viewfinder. I thought it would be nice to get a shot of the waves crashing along the rocks near Fort […]

Hip Hotel

[SAN REMO HOTEL] City Souffle. The ingredients: A Saturday night jam with fellow insurgents Keith and Shelli in Oakland. A Sunday viewing of Polar Express in IMAX 3D with friends from all corners of my life at the Metreon. And an “on a whim” stay at a hotel Sunday night in North Beach. Occasionally while […]

A Beattiely Weekend

Saturday night in Oakland was the 6 hour jam session comprised of me, Keith and Shelli (The Beattieles), Charlie, some pizza and M&M’s, and some other guys that I’ve forgotten their names. I even got to spend some of their money on music stuff, which I love because it’s music shopping yet I don’t have […]

Going ‘ome

Stayed the night and had breakfast with Keith and Shelli this morning then headed down the peninsula to have lunch with a couple of former work friends. It was pouring rain until the central valley and it completely cleared by Santa Nella. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when I arrived back in L.A., […]

Call Of The Wild, Mud Puppy’s, Point Isabel And Laci Peterson

Keith, Shelli and I met at Jack’s Bistro [LINK] in Jack London Square for champagne brunch. We tried to ignore the champagne. Two of their friends were also there and I got a bit of pee spam when I went to use the restroom. MTV advertises on the urinal pads. That would suck to get […]