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Month: May, 2006

Kauai – Day Four

[X-TREME SEA TURTLE VIDEO] Nice and sunny today so I headed over to a place called Queen’s Bath. It’s a lava shelf that has created a pool for swimming. Next to it though was the real show. There was a green sea turtle just hanging out and eating off the sides of the walls of […]

Kauai – Day Three

Today’s goal was to tour around Waimea Canyon. Basically a mini Grand Canyon. Left about 8 this morning and it’s now 6pm so it was a 10 hour day and I’m beat and need some food. The ride up was really winding and if you’re driving it’s not a lot of fun. You can’t exactly […]

Kauai – Day Two

Basically it was a dumping ground for bottles and such and over the years it’s smoothed all the pieces and there is a lot of glinty colorful sand in the area…. About dinner time I was so hungry I stopped of at the market to pick up some stuff but the lure of chinese food next door was too much for me.

Kauai – Day One

I run over and grab it an head over to the car rental counter which is empty because all the rest of the suckers are still waiting for their bags!… Not the usual muggy South Pacific island kinda thing to do.Anyway, I get to the hotel and the lobby is empty and the woman at the counter tells me even though I’m early for check-in my room is ready and off I go.

It’s Over! …and Ghost Rider Trailers Are Out in HiDef!

Well it’s over. [Ghost Rider] wrapped for me today and now it’s holiday time. It’s going to seem like a distant memory when this comes out next February but it’ll be cool to see it after so long because I’ll have forgotten most of it. The [HD trailers] were released on Apple’s website this week […]

Nicolas Cage Visits the Ghost Rider Crew

Nicolas Cage stopped by today to say hello to the Ghost Rider crew. He was filming in the area today and so swung by afterwards and watched a few sequences of the movie with us. His wife was with him and he talked a bit about loving what we were doing with the effects. Then […]

Anyone at The Viper Room

Caught up with my pal Riz Story and the band Anyone [LINK] at The Viper Room tonight. He decided to celebrate his birthday tonight by playing a gig at The Viper Room. I’ve known him since we were five and officially he’s not my brother, but he might as well be. Being a musician’s cool […]

Behind the Scenes Tour

I always find it interesting when I come across a picture of someone’s desk and get to see where that person spends their time creating. This is the current state of my my Fun Zone. Funny thing is that a lot of this will look horribly dated and be worth nothing in 10 years. If […]

Culver City Hot Rod Show

[CULVER CITY HOT ROD SHOW VIDEO] Culver City is where hot rodding and customizing cars got it’s start. There used to be a speedway in the city starting back in 1924. It was eventually demolished to make way for the movie studios. Um, which is now Sony Pictures where I reside 10 hours a day. […]

Where Cop Cars Go To Die

Main Street, Downtown Los Angeles [LINK].

Santa Monica Pier Bubbles

Santa Monica Pier Carousel [LINK].

Jett Jackson’s Studio

I went and visited Jett at her studio today. She has an awesome space at the Santa Fe Art colony. Click the picture to get a huge pic and scroll along to view the panorama. The great thing about Jett is she’s fairly prolific so everytime I see her I get to see a bunch […]

Ghost Rider Cinco de Mayo! (Curse the French!)

[CINCO DE MAYO GALLERY] Although celebrated much more as an excuse to have a party than anything else, Cinco de Mayo really is just a way to celebrate the great American pastime of cursing the French! Official disclaimer: I really like the French, I will be visiting your country next month so please have your […]

Immigration March

[IMMIGRATION MARCH VIDEO LINK] I love living in Los Angeles. It’s endlessly fascinating to me. Even after living here my whole life. The Immigrant March came and went without any troubles. A lot of shops in my neighborhood were closed for the day, but all in all it wasn’t too disruptive. The commute into work […]