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Month: July, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine(s)

I went over to the [Arclight] theatre today to see the film [Little Miss Sunshine]. Our posh movie theater in town with none of those before film commercials and reserved seating. Great because you can show up just minutes before a movie starts and have the seats you selected rather than the front row. Love […]

Cat People

Just one of the things I’ve been working on. Combining natural elements fused with portraits. Not sure where I’m going with it but it’s relaxing to just play around with.

I Went So You Don’t Have To

The moment I took this photo I was in Pirate Hell. So there are these theme restaurants that are the breeding grounds of the Devil himself. I agreed to go to one to see if it is truly awful. Well, it’s truly awful. Ha ha! The latest is this pirate themed one and I have […]

Animation Smackdown!

3 films, three days. Caught the three major animated films that are out there right now by the three major studios. “Cars” by Pixar, “Over the Hedge” by Dreamworks and “Monster House” in 3D by us at Imageworks! Go Imageworks! So how’d they fair? Well, I can honestly say without being biased that Monster House […]

Imageworks FX Follies 2006

[FX FOLLIES PHOTO GALLERY] [FX FOLLIES VIDEO] Why is it called the FX Follies of 2006? 70 Years ago, Our Gang (The Little Rascals) produced a short called “Our Gang Follies” of 1936. In this early short, the gang put on a show for their neighborhood, it was a big success and a lot of […]

San Francisco Weekend Getaway

[FANTASTIC FLAMING FIRE FEST VIDEO] Three things to do this weekend. One of my roomates from college was having a birthday thingy on Saturday afternoon, Saturday night was FireFest. Then on Sunday was hang out time with Keith and Shelli and go into the city to Jens for a little birthday feast for a friend […]

Concert Double Header: Pearl Jam at The Forum/Sierra Swan at The Viper Room

Hopefully she’s running a little late.First off Pearl Jam, this is the 4th time I’ve seen them so it’s not really a huge deal but when I bought my ticket I got blocked out of the first show on Sunday and while I was fiddling around with Ticketmaster a second show was added right under me…. I actually enjoyed Sierra more than Pearl Jam because I’m kinda burnt on them.Sierra ends her set and since I’m only 6 minutes from The Viper Room I’m able to get home before midnight and into bed I go.

Ed Who? Ed Burns. Oh Yeah, That Guy.

We went over to The Grove to Wood Ranch and watched the World Cup. We had started watching the game at my house but then at half time we went over knowing that they’d have the game on at Wood Ranch.

The Annual Mooning Of The Amtrak

[BIKERS, BOOBIES & ASSES VIDEO]Every year at Mugs Away Saloon in San Juan Capistrano a bunch of crazy bikers get together and moon the trains that go by all day. It started as a bar bet where a guy offered a beer to anyone who would go moon the Amtrak train as it went by.

The Amazing Race

Man, the last two days have been like an episode of The Amazing Race. I thought this morning was going to be a breeze getting to the airport. The airport is supposed to be 15 minutes away by train. Flight’s at 9:55, but Jill thought it was 9:30. Not sure where she’s getting these numbers […]

Amsterdamn You Dirty Apes!

Today was just problem after problem but all got resolved and a gay angel was hoping to get his wings.

Amsterdaming – Drunken Buildings

Got up this morning and rented some bikes to cruise around the city. Great way to get around, you never have to wait for trains or buses, just hop on and you’re there in a few minutes. Amsterdam’s so small all the main sights are within 10 minutes of each other by bike. I wanted […]

Berlin to Amsterdam

Last thoughts on Berlin…. What a great place.