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Month: December, 2006

New Years Eve

[FIREWORKS VIDEO] Got up this morning and walked over to the cafe Savor in Noe Valley and met up with Willo again for breakfast. We were all pretty beat from the night before. Good to see her again after having known her through our websites for about 4 years and first meeting her when she […]

The Flaming Lips at Bill Graham Civic Center

[FLAMING LIPS VIDEO] Spent the day being a tourist with Shine and Jill today before hitting the Flaming Lips show. sonicliving.com was having a little pre-show get together at Jade Bar by City Hall. I called up fellow Flickrer and website friend Willo, of willotoons.com, and she was also headed over to the bar. So […]

Weekend in San Francisco

Finally, caught up. The videos just finished processing so let’s go. Let’s see, how to get from Christmas Eve to January 1st? Just the facts I suppose. Christmas Eve we lost Kelsie, the last of the family dogs, so that put a damper on whole day. She just went out to her big house and […]

Christmas Eve

The Day My Parents Tried To Poison Me

I was handed this box of soda by my parents who were more than happy to part with it and eager to see me drink them. Whenever someone wants to feed you something AND watch, avoid that at all costs! They also got it from someone else. So now this box of soda has traveled […]

Serendipitous Discoveries

Renaissance Faire, 1992 A long time ago I went out shooting with a friend of mine. Back then with film cameras some of them you hand cranked the film back into the canister. At least with my Nikon you had too. Accidently I didn’t crank one of the rolls all the way back and the […]

Le Office Soiree

[OFFICE PARTY VIDEO] Well, another year is drawing to a close and it’s time for those annual office parties. So let’s go, eh! Unfortunately it’s too big and we don’t see many people we know. We walked around for the first hour without running into anyone we knew. I mean, come on?! Where is everybody? […]

Vintage Video: Taylor Hawkins – A Foo Fighter

[TAYLOR HAWKINS VIDEO] I was rummaging through some boxes and found some of the old video tapes. This is back when I was playing in the band with my friend Riz, now of the band “Anyone” [LINK]. Taylor Hawkins was good friends with the band and he used to come hang out and go to […]

Recent Pelicula Viewings – HAPPY FEET!

Happy Feet The Lake House The Break Up My Super Ex-Girlfriend ALL THE REST OF THE MOVIE RATINGS!!! ?Ǭª ?Ǭ† Apparantly it’s be inspired by friends week around here! About 7 years ago I met my friend [Ben at PDI]. We were on the same team and went through a bit of hell near the […]

XREZ: The Monster Truck of Photography

This is why I love photography. It’s art, science, math, travel all rolled up into one.

82 Degree Snowfall

Family night out at The Grove. My cousin brought her two boys down to see the lights.

Eric Joyner Show Opening

Headed over to the Eric Joyner opening tonight. I like robots, I like donuts, I like art. It’s a trifecta of goodness.