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Month: October, 2003

16 Horsepower at The University Of London

Last day in London and I don’t even want to move. Thought I’d just lay low and try and get a little better. I did have to go out to the University Of London to find out where the show is. That was going to drain me so I tried and be mellow about it. […]

Les Miserables And Millennium Dome

For a lack of anything better to do I decided to go out and see what had become of the Millennium Dome. Well, nothing had become of the Millennium Dome actually. How sad, the giant tent like structure is still sitting along the Thames but there’s nothing but weeds growing up around it. On a […]

Hot Hot Heat at The London Astoria & Abbey Road

Tonight’s show? “Hot Hot Heat” [LINK] at the London Astoria!! Man, I love this band. Do yourself a favor and get into them. Did my usual morning visit to see the venue where the show is going to be. Then I headed out for some sight seeing. I went back to Abbey Road Studios. There’s […]

Daniel Lanois at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Got up this morning and had to get over to Shepherd’s Bush to find the Empire theater for tonight’s concert, Daniel Lanois [LINK]. I didn’t even have a street name so when I got off the Tube I asked a guy at McDonald’s and he pointed across the park at these two tall buildings. He […]

Piccadilly Circus, Oh Joy

Said my goodbyes to Ireland this morning and onto London. I’m really starting to hate London more each time I go. Between Heathrow airport and the flu and virus toxic zone known as the Underground, I can think of many other places I’d rather be. I am here for concerts though, so that’s good. After […]

Waterford, Ireland

Yes. Anyway, she was hella cute.

The Giant’s Causeway

Crack me the hell up. Well, I made it. I wasn’t sure I was going to make all the way up to Northern Ireland and even the northern coast at that. But here I am standing before what I consider the greatest album cover in rock history. Don’t think I don’t know I’m a total […]

The Cliffs Of Moher

Ah, some nice sleep. I actually feel like I want to stay here another night after that noisy ass hotel in Dublin. I got an early start today which was good and bad. Good because I had a lot of driving to do, but bad because it was like planet Pluto cold outside. All of […]

Galway, Ireland

I was so ready to leave Dublin this morning. The weather has been atrocious. I cabbed it out to the airport and had a hard time finding anyplace that had cars. I ended up with a larger car than I wanted but it all was for the best in the end. I left Dublin about […]


Another Day in Dublin. I just kind of wandered around today and darted in and out doorways as it rained, sleeted, hailed, and almost started snowing. I also supposedly went to the best fush ‘n chups place in the city. Honestly, it was disgusting. I might as well have been drinking straight out of a […]

Black Pool

Arrived in Dublin, Dubh Linn, Black Pool, Baile Atha Cliath, Town of the Ford of the Hurdle, (take your pick) this morning and checked into the Jury’s Inn at Christchurch. The first person you usually have to interact with is the cab driver. They’re probably not the best representatives of the city but they’re always […]

“J” Is For Jetsetter

Circus Of The Sun/Cirque du Soleil

, and you never forget your first.

Birthday 2

After a long hot day at Universal, had to head home, shower, and get to Rebecca’s [LINK] restaurant in Santa Monica by 9:00. I’m spilling the beans right here. Naz [LINK] turned 28 Tuesday. Every girls nightmare, letting out their age. Ate too much gaucamole. I couldn’t even tell you who shot this photo. It […]

Birthday 1

Two birthday’s in row and an all day adventure. First Rachel Macs birthday at Universal Studios. I haven’t been to Universal Studios in years but wanted to see the Shrek 4D show. I fortunately didn’t have to work on it and got the pleasure to see it without all the pain of working on it. […]

Where’s The Nearest 12 Step Program For Art Addiction?

I really need an intervention. Twelve of us from work went in together to buy the “Twelve Stations Of Ptolemy” folio [LINK] from the recent Shag show at “La Luz De Jesus” [LINK]. First we had to find twelve people who would want their respective zodiac sign. It turned out to not be that difficult. […]

Hitchcock Squarepants

The last Cinespia [LINK] of the year, well sorta. One more Nov. 1st for Halloween, but I’ll be doing something way way way cooler. We’re up to 14 people now and saving a space large enough is getting difficult. I’ve had to resort to flying a yellow balloon for homing people in through the dark. […]